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Automotive Products

Our product portfolio includes stamped parts, pin headers, male connectors, PCB connectors, and hybrid parts (overmolded contact parts). The main focus is on products with press-fit zones (T-Com press®). Any product you order from us will arrive packed according to your wishes.

Precision stamped parts

ept GmbH produces over 12 billion precision stamped parts every year. Stamped and galvanized press-fit contacts are used in a wide variety of different applications. Depending on the application, the contacts are overmolded or pressed directly into a printed circuit board.
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Pin headers in press-fit technology

Pin headers are male contacts combined with a simple insulator material. The number of contacts it contains can vary as needed.

Male connectors

Male connectors are the “male” part of a connector. The connectors usually provide the connection to a printed circuit board. They require different interfaces and different numbers of contacts depending on the application. They also come in a wide range of configurations: straight, angled, sealed. Different surface coatings of the contacts in a connector are also not uncommon.

PCB connectors

PCB connectors allow two PCBs to be connected electrically and mechanically with each other in a relatively simple way. Different board spacings and a wide variety of pin counts are possible.
These PCB connectors are standardized in the ept flexilink connector series.

Overmolded components

Hybrid products are metallic components, usually contacts, that are overmolded with plastic. This allows electro-mechanical components with application-specific geometries to be created. This results in innovative products when used in combination with press-fit technology in particular.

Other products

There are countless other ways to connect components to boards using press-fit technology.

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