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Autonomous Driving: Mobility of the Future with the Zero8 Connector

A few years ago, it was a scenario from science fiction movies, but now it is becoming reality. Self-driving vehicles are not only revolutionizing the entire automotive industry, they are also presenting technology companies with new challenges.

Requirements of autonomous driving for the connectors of the future

Vehicles that were once entirely mechanical are now modern high-performance computers with highly complex technology.
Multiple sensor systems are the prerequisite for vehicles to detect external circumstances such as road conditions, other vehicles, or unexpected obstacles.
Passenger safety has the highest priority in the car. For this reason, intelligent high-performance computers cannot experience any malfunctions or even failures at any time, placing the highest demands on the connectors of the future.
  • Highspeed data transfer rates
  • EMC protection
  • Robust and fail-safe
  • High tolerance compensation

Zero8: State-of-the-art board-to-board connectors for autonomous driving

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We are developing a connector series with our Zero8 product family that meets the high demands of autonomous driving.

The double-sided, robust ScaleX technology offers contacts that are particularly reliable and can withstand even continuous stresses such as shocks and vibrations. At the same time, the board-to-board connector offers full flexibility due to the scalability of the board-to-board connectors and ensures a high tolerance compensation both during installation and when mated.

For more information on the Zero8 product family, click here.

Connectors for autonomous driving:

Zero8, shielded version, stack height 11.5 mm, 80-pin

zero8 80 polig high plug shield
The double-sided, shielded, 80-pin Zero8 connector with a stack height of 11.5 mm is used since the installation density in high-performance computers of autonomous driving is enormous, involving a high risk of mutual electromagnetic interference occurring. Its excellent EMC shielding protects the highspeed signals in the high-performance computer even under shock and vibration, and its robust contact system and high tolerance compensation completely eliminate the possibility of interference or even failure. What’s more, with the ScaleX technology, it is virtually impossible to incorrectly operate and thus destroy the connector during the plugging process.

ept is a flexible partner for High-Performance Computing in autonomous driving

We support our customers in the development and execution of tomorrow’s mobility solutions with individual tests and specific inspections. Our qualified engineers contribute not only their wealth of experience in the automotive field, but they also have been involved in the development of connectors for embedded systems from the field of data communication for decades. This means that ept combines long-established knowledge with cross-industry expertise and is the perfect partner for the connection technology in high-performance computers for autonomous driving.
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Early Error Prevention

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We work using an FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) to ensure defects are prevented from an early stage – no matter whether in feasibility analysis, production of operating equipment, or prototyping.

High-Quality Project Management

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Our experienced employees are your partners from the idea stage to the finished product and will provide you with active support and extensive expertise in accordance with the specifications of IATF 16949 (ADQP) from project definition to project implementation, right through until the project is complete. We channel our knowledge and experience into the advice and support we provide regarding product development.

High-Level of Development Expertise

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In its nearly 50 years of history, the company’s success has largely depended on in-house product development. ept has been convincing the automotive industry with a robust connection technology for many years thanks to the in-house developed and established Tcom press® press-fit technology, meeting all the requirements of automotive electronics for the connectors.

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"The automotive market is experiencing a serious upheaval. We are helping to shape this and develop solutions for unprecedented problems!"
Luitpold Braun, Key Account Manager at ept
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"Stamping, injection molding, electroplating and assembly - we have all the manufacturing processes with all the know-how under one roof. That's a big advantage!"
Simone Kotz, Team Leader Internal Sales at ept
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"Our connectors are installed in safety-relevant control units such as the airbag, and can save lives in the event of a car accident!"
Alina Rößle, Internal Sales at ept
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