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Surface Mount Technology
SMT for Connectors for the Automotive Industry. Connectors used in SMT (surface-mounted technology) are soldered to the PCB by means of solderable connection surfaces. For this purpose, the components are soldered with solder paste onto the defined solder pads in a reflow oven. The individual zones of the oven cause the solder to melt. The temperature is then slowly lowered to allow the solder to harden.
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Product finder
Application example SMT
Application example
A few years ago, it was a scenario from science fiction movies, but now it is becoming reality. Self-driving vehicles are not only revolutionizing the entire automotive industry, they are also presenting technology companies with new challenges. We are developing a connector series with our Zero8 product family that meets the high demands of autonomous driving.
Zero8 0.8 mm SMT PCB connector
Zero8 SMT PCB Connector 0.8 mm
Zero8 stands for robust and scalable SMT connections with 0.8 mm pitch. The EMC shielding protect your signals perfectly against external influences in the industrial environment.
Colibri - 0.5mm SMT Connectors
Colibri - 0.5mm SMT
Colibri® is a shielded, two-row SMT connector system with a 0.5-mm pitch.
One27 SMT PCB Connections with a Pitch of 1.27 mm
One27 - 1.27mm SMT
Within the SMT connector family One27 there are available many different connector types including straight and angled versions, as well as flat cable connections. The pin count ranges from 12 to 80 in 1.27 mm pitch.