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Press-fit Technology

Press-fit Technology
Press-fit Technology for Connectors for the Automotive Industry.
An electrical connection between opposite layers of the PCB is created by pressing a connector pin into a contacted PCB hole in press-fit technology.
Application example Press-fit
Application Example
The engine controller is responsible for the fuel injection and ignition, the regulating turbochargers, controlling exhaust gas values, operating start/stop systems and countless other functions. This increasing complexity poses new challenges for connection technologies. As a one-stop supplier, ept developed a customized interface connector for the sensors and actuators in the engine controller for a major German automotive supplier.
flexilink Board-to-Board Connections in Press-fit
flexilink Board-to-Board Connections
The flexilink jumper is a non-pluggable board-to-board connector that can be used in a variety of situations.